[Brand News] TAYA - Bicycle Chain Coating Specialist

Built on a foundation of Japanese - style technology, TAYA Chain has
had its roots in Taiwan for 43 years. The company focuses
on  production technology, research and development, and
chain sur face treatment. All TAYA chains are 100% Made-
in-Taiwan, and feature excellent strength and high performance.


TAYA Chain has been active in promoting its brand positioning
and product image, and was selected this year by TAITRA as
a Superior Manufacturer of Brand Management and Counseling.
Taya Chain has significantly enhanced its systematic brand
management and innovative marketing.

TAYA’s new GST antir ust chains are a prime
choice for overcoming harsh conditions such as cold, rain, or
muddy cycling trails. Its antirust ability withstands the salt spray
test for more than 500 hours, and also features easy cleaning
and maintenance.  TAYA’s GST (Greener Surface treatment) is
environmentally friendly treatment techno chains meet CPSI RoHS
international  EU Green Standards.

TAYA chain marketing manager Jill Wu (left) and
     Brand Executive Golden Tseng, (right) invited buyers
      found that the chain of the wonders of the world.

TAYA 10 speed bicycle chain Deca-101 (UL) titanium drill chain
 were launched applies to the other styles Shimano and Campagnolo.